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Systems we design, manufacture and commission include:
  • Pasteurizers

  • Evaporating systems

  • CIP systems

  • Sugar handling and dissolving

  • Plate and tubular evaporators

  • Bio-diesel

  • Water recycling systems

  • Conveyor systems

Water treatment and mixing tank
Lab Scale Pasteurizer
Quality Welding
Hygienic conveyor belts
Shell and tube heat exchanger
7500L/h Evaporator
Control panel
4000 L/h Plate pasteurizer
4500L/h Tubular Pasteurizer
View from the top
Stainless steel piping
High quality stainless steel frames
Chiller @-10degC
Mixing tanks
Water-cooled chiller
Plate Heat Exchanger
4500L/h Tubular Pasteurizer
Plant Layout
Stainless steel piping
CIP Station
Tubular Pasteurizer
Vacuum cooling unit
Bulk concentrate cooling unit
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